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Weight Destroyer Program Review


By now, you have probably heard about the newest weight loss system available today – “Weight Destroyer Program” offered by WeightDestroyer.com and developed by Michael Wren.

In the introduction video, Michael Wren describes his extraordinary and life-changing story. This 57-year old man, overweight and sick, manages to lose 53 pounds within the period of 6 weeks and practically saves his own life by doing that.

Weight Destroyer Michael Wren Before And After

Mr. Wren is sharing the secrets and the method describing in detail how he managed to lose so much weight without any drugs and surgery in a such a short period of time.

He tried all of the conventional and “science based” diets… Things like Gluten-Free, Low-Carb and the Paleo Diet. And nothing seemed to be helping him to really lose weight, regain more energy or even feel better.

He even tried to follow the strict exercise regimen, as part of the usual advice given by fitness experts (such as drinking a lot of water, dieting and exercising), but continued to fail miserably for years.

His weight just kept on going up until he ended up in the hospital with a life threatening incident. Since that moment, Michael decided to try and discover the cure or at least a way to keep the disease stable on his own.

And after that decision, and months of research and review of all available options, he finally stumbled upon the unconventional method used to melt away all the unwanted body fat in a relatively short period of time.

This wonderful breakthrough came from an unlikely source… a biology research lab located at one of the top universities in California.

Weight Destroyer by Michael Wren VideoMichael Wren's teaching goes against all of the well known and usually not effective ways how people try to lose weight today. He insists that his method is very simple and yet so powerful because it is based on common sense.

By experimenting on his friends and himself, Mr. Wren ended up creating a repeatable set of steps including a “30 Day Kick Start Plan” and decided to start offering his solution online under the name of “Weight Destroyer Program”.

You can find a lot more details about “Weight Destroyer Program“, including listed features and benefits, directly on the their website, however there is a lot of information to review and process and the layout of the sales page can be a bit overwhelming.

That's why we have prepared a few simple time and money saving tips and tricks to help you to review and, if you find that it works for you, buy Michael Wren's system. We hope you'll find this information useful…

We also recommend that you visit and review our Weight Destroyer Program Sample Pages section that contains real sample pages from this book. We assure this is no scam like you'll find in other poorly written Weight Destroyer reviews full of spelling mistakes! Take a look, review everything and make sure that this unique weight-loss program works for you before you buy!

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We are adding a few short and inspirational paragraphs Mr. Wren wrote in Weight Destroyer Program to this review to describe how important weight loss is for everyone, but also how we should not fall prey of the stereotypes that sometimes push people to extremes:

The Weight Destroyer Program is about losing weight, as much as it is about reversing the process of aging on a cellular level and strengthening the immune system, being protected by the risk of developing several serious conditions, such as diabetes and cancer.

So, here we go in a process of review and discovery, of learning more about ourselves and our present condition, about the unhealthy diets that we all have tried and which failed.

The sad reality is that we have grown up seeing body image cues that tell us thinner is better. This idea has been adopted by so many people to such an extent that they strive to achieve the ‘skeleton skinny’ stage or size zero. Skeleton skinny is NOT healthy!


Review The Science Behind Weight Destroyer Program

The expression metabolic or metabolism describes a process that is always active and always “on” during the normal functioning of a body. This is the most important set of chemical reactions that convert food consumed by us into the energy our bodies can consume. Every person's metabolism works at a different rate, but, some sudden changes in your life-style can lead to either higher or lower rates of metabolism.

Weight Destroyer Program Basal Metabolic Rate ChartMost of the diets being marketed today are designed to restrict your food consumption and that in turn leads to lowering your metabolism rate. Weight Destroyer Program philosophy looks at this in different way, because lowering of the metabolism during your weight loss program could backfire the whole process of dieting and also lead to a few possible health risks.

The reason for this is because metabolism is also responsible for one more very important protective body function – as the destroyer of all intruders – it helps to break down and neutralize many toxins and harmful substances that have entered our bodies through food consumption or breathing.

So if the weight loss diet suddenly lowers your metabolic rate, these harmful substances will stay in the body longer and that could lead to several health problems and disorders. Some of them might, if left untreated or if you diet like this for longer periods of time, be irregular cholesterol levels, insulin resistance disorders, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and others.

Based on the review of many new and older scientific studies related to weight loss, the accepted conclusion is that we need to increase the temperature of the interstitial fluid which will in turn stimulate the metabolism to burn fat at the accelerated rate.

What that means for us trying to lose weight, is that we should be aware of our core body temperature. This of course does not mean that you'll have to live in the constant state of fever or sweating like crazy! Just something to keep in mind – your body should feel warm most of the time.

This is a summary from one of studies, available for review in the “US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health”, which has established a clear connection between the body temperature and weight loss. The study review goes on to recommend further examination of this phenomenon because of its promising results – so Weight Destroyer Program might be pioneering into this new area of research already!

Summary Review: Core Temperature and the Pathogenesis of Obesity

“Gluttony and sloth”, over eating and lack of exercise, obviously play an important role in the genesis of obesity. But the decisive demonstration that individuals differ in metabolic efficiency indicates that other factors are also at play.

Evidence summarized here suggests that lower core temperature in the obese may be one such factor. Studies of temperature in the obese under different circumstances (exercise, sleeping, after meals) are feasible and may reveal important differences between lean and obese. If this proves to be the case, a new therapeutic target, body temperature, may emerge.

Importance Of Checking Metabolic Rates In Weight Destroyer ProgramReview of these multiple studies also showed that this body warmth does not necessarily have to come from exercise only because the impact of the heat coming from exercise is mostly temporary. That's why several sections in Weight Destroyer Program teach you how to gradually introduce changes and switch to a more active lifestyle.

Also, the included recipes and weight loss diet plans will focus on increasing and maintaining that important body temperature by teaching you which foods to favor compared to others. Some foods and recommended times when you are supposed to eat them, will naturally push your body temperature higher, while others will actually lower it.

Maintaining this balance of core temperature, combined with other recommendations inside the Weight Destroyer Program, you'll be on your way to achieving the ultimate goal of losing weight quickly and safely.



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