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Weight Loss Bars – What Exactly Are Weight Loss Bars?


Throughout the last several years, weight loss bars have progressively become the most popular “diet helpers” among the people who are trying to lose or maintain weight. The weight loss bars ended up being a “pocket friendly” quick fix after your visit to the health club. Whenever you feel hungry and need an energy boos, all you need to do is reach into your pocket for that delicious weight loss bar and treat yourself with this (usually) healthy treat.

Generally referred to as “diet plan replacement meal”, these great flavored rectangle-shaped mini treats contain almost all the nutrients we require and allowing us to stay within the boundaries of our current diet and weight loss strategy. Some of the best protein bars for weight loss are rich in protein and fiber and they come in a variety of flavors.

After a quick survey of my friends, the most popular ones are the ones combining the tastes of chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla. Nowadays they can be purchased almost anywhere, but you still need to check the list of ingredients and watch for sugar levels.

You are probably the same as most of us – we are constantly trying to find ways to drop or maintain the weight after we have dieted for some time. If that is your goal, then weight loss bars are going to be a great tool for your weight loss or maintenance plan. There is something about these bars that, even though they enable us to control the weight, they still feel like a “forbidden” treat and something sweet to celebrate the weight loss successes!

Katie Jones wrote this article explaining her own take on the popularity of the weight loss bars. She also gives a nice overview of what they are, what are the made of and how not to eat too many!

You must have heard the buzz about weight loss bars. If not, you are soon going to unravel the powers of this wonder bar that promises to fix all of your weight problems. This is the gateway to a new life minus any excess baggage, well fat in this case, and without too much effort for all you lazy people who cringe at the thought of exercising.

The Magic Potion

1. This is how weight loss bars work.

These bars are high on vegetable proteins and fibers. Best protein bars for weight loss keep you from feeling hungry so you don't over eat. They make your metabolism technically sound. Weight loss bars add that extra dash of fibers which you would not eat otherwise. Fibers are bang – on in cleaning up your clogged digestive tract which is top priority for your weight loss regime. Chew on nuts because it will help the cleaning process.

2. What are they made of?

The best protein bars for weight loss mostly contain milk, wheat, nuts, soy, eggs, foods rich in minerals and vitamins. You don't need to worry about animal fat and processed sugars; these bars won't give you that. The ingredients supply necessary nutrients. So you won't be malnourished! Drink a power packed juice of your favorite fruits, as a back-up plan.

3. How many of these do you need?

Just take two weight loss bars every day before your two major meals. Carry on with the double dose till you have lost as much weight as you need and want. You will visibly loss your unprized possessions in a matter of weeks. All you have to do then is take one bar a day to maintain your slim new look. But you must take care not to gorge on those sinful chocolates, cakes and pizzas. Be a good kid and eat your vegetables. Mission accomplished.

The only flip side of these weight loss bars is that they are sure to dig a hole in your pocket. But you require them anyway so for once go ahead and try them instead of all your diet plans which didn't work and the gyms and walks that are too tiring.

But as anything else we buy in the stores today, there are various kinds of weight loss bars available on the market. Some are more expensive than others and some contain more chemicals and some are actually made of good stuff.

Weight Loss Bars - Best Protein Bars For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Bars

So you have to do your due diligence and find the brand and quality that will work for you. The cost of purchasing the really good quality weight loss bars can actually become quite high if you consider that you might be on a diet three to six months.

So then the question always comes up – should I try and make my own bars or should I continue buying them? But what if you are, like most of us, busy most of the day – when do you find the time to prepare your own home made weight loss bars? Shannon Clark takes a look at this for us from her unique angle and also considers how to separate “bad” from the “good” ones!

Weight loss bars are everywhere these days – all with corresponding claims that they'll replace your meals and help you see weight loss faster than ever before.

Just how accurate are these claims though?

If you flip the protein bar or energy bar over and read the label, you'll find that you have an endless amount of chemicals, sugars, processed trans fat (the really bad ones), and other ingredients that are not going to do anything for your weight loss efforts.

Unfortunately though, many people fall for these claims and devour these bars as if they're the perfect diet food – when in fact, they're eating little more than a regular candy bar.

Common sense says chocolate bars are definitely not going to help you lose weight, so what makes you think an protein and energy bar will?

For the most part, the vast majority of these bars are just junk food in disguise, so it's essential that you are able to separate which ones will help with weight loss, and which ones won't.

For example, just a while ago I didn't have any food on hand and needed a meal – fast.

The only thing around was a convenience stores, so I decided going with a Slim Fast bar would be a better option than my other favorite bar, Oh Henry (obviously tasty, but not a great option for the waistline).

Slim fast bars are, after all, marketed as being the healthy alternative for those looking to lose weight, so it seemed like a good option.


Very wrong.

After quickly eating up the bar, I flipped over the wrapper to see what the ingredient listing was – and it was then that I saw the damage that had been done.

First things first. The initial ingredient (and most concentrated) that I saw was – you guessed it – corn syrup.

If you're new to nutrition and fitness, corn syrup is essentially one of the biggest contributors of the obesity problem we're facing today.

Next up on the ingredient listing of doom was sugar. Great. Two for two (and not in a good way).

After that, I found hydrogenated oils, which as you likely know, is just a fancy, sophisticated name for trans fats. How perfect.

Essentially I would have been better off with that Oh Henry bar and I'm sure it would have tasted a whole heck of a lot better.

The point I'm trying to get at here is that you must not let the word ‘energy' or ‘protein' food you when associated with bar. Far too often, it will provide energy – but it's not the kind of energy you want.

If you're looking to do your body a favor and promote healthy weight loss at the same time, there are far better options out there.

Now, this does not mean all protein bars for weight loss are junk – some are great sources of nutrition.

The important things you'll want to watch for is that listed in the ingredients is some sort of whole grain or rice, along with nuts in some shape or form (for healthy fats and protein), and any type of whey (which is also a good source of protein).

Ideally your bar should be in the neighborhood of 200-300 calories (some of the more massive ones weigh in at around 400 – that's a SUPERSIZE chocolate bar right there!), have at least 15 grams of protein, have no more than 10 grams of sugar (preferably less), and then have at least 3 grams of fiber.

If you can find a bar that provides that, you're set to go.

If not, I'd recommend either making your own, or opting for an alternative snack.

Remember too, when looking at the nutritional label, generally speaking, the fewer ingredients, the better. Unless these ingredients just happen to be sugar, fat, and more sugar, obviously.


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